Long Life & excellent performance

life of 2000 cycles, with a 20 year lifetime

100% depth of discharge

Lowest cost per kWh 

Safe & sustainable



water-based electrolyte chemistry

Additional benefits

Quick recharge

Easily scalable as power and energy are independent​

Vanadium Redox Flow Battery

-VRFB is suitable for ESS with no electricity or lack of electricity due to its low cost maintenance.
-The operation temperature of VRFB is room temperature, and it is not sensitive to changes in ambient temperature, so there is no cost of installing air conditioner after installation.(-10 ~ + 45 ℃).
-The VRFB system additionally facilitates expansion of the battery system capacity. (The expansion of the energy capacity of the battery is the expansion of the electrolyte storage tank, the output of the battery (power) is expanded by stack expansion etc.)
-The VRFB system can theoretically have a charge time / discharge time ratio of 1: 1, rapid storage of renewable energy is possible, Charging can be carried out simultaneously while discharging.
-It has the advantage of not polluting the mixed electrolyte through the membrane in the VRFB system. (Permanent use of electrolyte)
-The use of an infinite lifetime electrolyte makes it possible to use continuous cycles of V-RFB, eco-friendly systems without waste problems, and eco-friendly ESS with no explosion, fire or toxicity.
-The cost per kWh of the VRFB system decreases as the storage capacity increases, thus ensuring the economical efficiency of large capacity ESS.